Azerbaijan: Civil society organizations and communities play a crucial role in making the COP29 process more inclusive and contributing to effective and equitable decision-making, according to Parvana Valiyeva, a member of the COP29 organizing committee.

Speaking at the high-level meeting “Pathway to COP29: Sustainable and Resilient Future” held in Zangilan, Azerbaijan, Valiyeva emphasized that the participation of civil society will lead to more transparent, representative, and actionable outcomes at COP29.

“As representatives of society, we are part of the COP29 organizing committee and strive to bring the interests of civil society to the forefront, ensuring that the needs of those most affected by climate change are heard and addressed,” she said.

The COP29 official also called upon all stakeholders to prioritize and contribute to building a healthy ecosystem in the region as part of the preparations for the upcoming climate conference.

“As civil society, we invite all interested parties to set priorities and facilitate the creation of a healthy ecosystem in the region within the framework of preparations for COP29,” Valiyeva said.



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