Azerbaijan plays a key role in the development and expansion of the North-South transport corridor, Hikmet Hajiyev, Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan, Head of the Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration, said on Friday, News.Az reports.

Speaking at the fifth meeting of the Russia-Azerbaijan Expert Council in Baku, Hajiyev emphasized that Azerbaijan continues to actively invest in enhancing the logistical infrastructure of the corridor.

He outlined ongoing efforts aimed at increasing the capacity of Azerbaijan’s segment within the corridor, underscoring the broader regional benefits expected from these developments.

According to the presidential aide, these initiatives are set to not only strengthen Azerbaijan’s connectivity with Russia but also foster greater economic integration and trade facilitation across the entire region.

The North-South transport corridor is a multimodal trade route that connects South Asia to Northern Europe via Iran, Azerbaijan, and Russia. It aims to provide a shorter and more efficient route for transporting goods between these regions, bypassing traditional sea routes. The corridor enhances connectivity through railways, roads, and maritime routes, facilitating trade and economic cooperation among participating countries.

Source: Azerbaijan plays key role in North-South transport corridor development, says presidential aide (



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