China-Europe Railroad Express from Shanxi to Barcelona left from Taiyuan, Shanxi on March 22, and went for 35 days, covering north of 12,000 kilometers.

The freight conveyed incorporates castings, furniture, canned merchandise, car parts, day to day necessities, and more. Starting from the main takeoff in 2017, the China-Europe Railroad Express from Shanxi has routinely worked 16 courses, arriving at in excess of 40 urban communities in 15 countries, with a sum of 782 trains worked.

“This train fortifies the responsibilities the Chinese have made in picking Barcelona, as a door into Europe as well as a Mediterranean focal point of circulation,” Carla Salvado, representative general supervisor of Business and Showcasing at the Port of Barcelona, told Xinhua.

“Geologically, the Port of Barcelona is in an excellent key area on the grounds that as well as being in Europe we are likewise on the Mediterranean Ocean,” she added.

The TPNova rail administrator, one of Spain’s driving vehicle organizations, will run the new merchandise administration for the benefit of the Huayuan Chinese business bunch, which gives coordinated operations administrations from its base in Shanxi.

The effective appearance of the train from Shanxi in April is the primary product of the arrangement between the Spanish and Chinese organizations, endorsed in Barcelona in November.

The China-Europe Rail line Express has associated 112 urban communities inside China, ignoring through 100 urban communities in 11 Asian countries and districts, and arriving at in excess of 200 urban communities in 25 countries and areas in Europe. It has turned into a leader task of the Belt and Street drive, which plans to work with the international progression of merchandise.

“China is our most grounded exchanging accomplice and so any connection with China is exceptionally welcome and we’re extremely glad to show up on the guide of the New Silk Street advanced by the Chinese specialists,” said Salvado.

As per the Port of Barcelona leader, the new train administration is a “great supplement” to the strategic air and sea benefits previously offered by the port.

The train left Shanxi with 50 merchandise compartments, of which about half were unloaded in Germany, with the rest showing up in Barcelona’s port for dissemination somewhere else in Spain.



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