By Chen Tianhao (ECNS) – On Tuesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Beijing. President Xi noticed that this year points the tenth commemoration of the foundation of the overall vital organization among China and Germany. Throughout the course of recent years, in spite of colossal changes in the international landscape, China-Germany relations have kept up with consistent development, and two-sided collaboration has reinforced and extended in all cases, giving impulse to the advancement of the two countries.

This is Scholz’s second visit to China. In such manner, China News Organization chatted with Michael Borchmann, previous top of the European and International Undertakings Branch of the government German province of Hesse, and Benjamin Creutzfeldt, managing director of the Confucius Institute in Leipzig, Germany, about the importance and potential ramifications of Scholz’s visit to China.

Solid will for two-sided participation and individuals to-individuals exchanges
As indicated by Borchmann, “for Scholz’s second visit to China, his appointment is exceptionally high positioning, joined by three ministers, which flags the significance China holds for him.”

Also, Borchmann said the motivation behind why German foreign direct venture to China is gigantic is that “business pioneers from Germany’s fundamental undertakings think essentially, and realize that commitment with China implies monetary accomplishment for them.” With the progress of BASF, BOSCH, and BMW in China, the German speculation has yielded positive outcomes, Borchmann referenced.

“One individual to another relations are critical to getting along and to communicating about many issues that are disputable and convoluted,” noted Creutzfeldt. As he noticed, the German public in general have perfect and proceeded with interest in China, particularly among young individuals, some of whom would get familiar with the Chinese language, e culture, and history, which is extremely reassuring.

BRI extends to help worldwide coordinated operations

China-Europe Railroad Express significantly affects advancing network of the Eurasian mainland under the Belt and Street Drive (BRI), a huge stage for reciprocal collaboration.

Traveling toward the west to Duisburg, Germany, from West China’s Xi’an city on Walk 29, the X8155 China-Europe cargo train denoted the 1,000th outing for the China-Europe Railroad Express (Xi’an) in 2024. Borchmann accepts that the rail line framework is monetarily extremely valuable for Duisburg and other German urban areas and is significant for getting supply chains in unquiet times.

As per Creutzfeldt, Germany was one of the forerunners in the nineteenth century in regards to railroad network, trailed by different countries like England, yet no country has been as effective in conveying this kind of availability overall as China has. Accordingly, the China-Europe Rail route Express “ought to be invited” since Germany and numerous other European countries could profit from this kind of availability. “It’s a significant stage toward feasible worldwide planned operations,” he said.

Cooperate to beat difficulties

The two specialists referenced that through upgraded communication, common understanding, and more trust, numerous reciprocal issues can be settled. Borchmann said that Chancellor Scholz and his party (SPD) are not really U.S.- affected as some others in Germany, and that the visit is supposed to bear great outcomes.

Nonetheless, the BRI “has been so politicized and so shaded by the feeling of dread toward different desires that China could have,” Creutzfeldt brought up, “It has been painted in a pessimistic color, and that is extremely unfortunate.” Subsequently, he believed that more good informing is important to support the BRI, which would thus help Germany and then some.

“In this way, I’m recently satisfied that Chancellor Scholz’s visit can separate a portion of these biases that have arisen in the political circles,” he said, “and show that one individual to another relations are critical to getting along and to communicating about many issues that are questionable and convoluted.”



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