Development of China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan rail route prepares for Kyrgyzstan to turn into a territorial travel center, the country’s minister to Azerbaijan, Kairat Osmonaliev, told Kyrgyz media, Azernews reports.

Osmonaliev noticed that while the rail route project requires significant speculation, it vows to yield returns that will situate Kyrgyzstan as a vital participant in the travel area.

He underlined that travel includes not just the development of products from China through their nations to different objections yet in addition the bring stream back. Osmonaliev featured the significance of perceiving China as an exporter as well as a shipper, with critical interest for natural items and remarkable advancements.

The China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan rail line, an arranged 454-kilometer rail line, is expected to interface China’s and Uzbekistan’s rail routes a through Kyrgyzstan’s area and further connection up with the European rail route network through Turkmenistan, Iran, and Türkiye.



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