Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday communicated trust Ankara and Berlin wouldn’t experience deterrents and spotlight on talking about joint creation projects, especially in the guard area, Azernews reports, refering to Anadolu Office.

“We trust that Türkiye and Germany will start to examine joint creation adventures as opposed to obstructions, especially in safeguard,” Erdogan told a joint public interview with his German partner Forthright Walter Steinmeier, who is on an authority visit, in Ankara.

“(With Germany) We want to totally eliminate the limitations we face in the guard business,” he added.

Exchange between Ankara Berlin

He said Türkiye means to extend respective exchange volume with Germany, which has outperformed $50 billion, to $60 billion in a fair way.

Erdogan said as NATO partners, Ankara and Berlin have multi-layered relations in different fields, from security to economy, and culture to science.

“I join extraordinary significance to expanding common speculations. We are likewise quick to propel our participation in the guard business in a way steady with our reciprocal relations and the soul of union,” he added.

He said respective collaboration in the travel industry area is likewise creating, adding: “The most grounded shared view and the foundation of our ties serious areas of strength for are associations. The quantity of individuals we bid goodbye to from Sirkeci Station a long time back has arrived at 3.5 million. Turkish “visitor laborers” boarded trains for Germany from the Istanbul station in 1961.

President Erdogan communicated his conviction that the Turkish-German fellowship will keep on developing further and create.

He said throughout recent many years, the Turkish people group has progressed from being transients to expecting basic jobs in Germany’s social, financial, social, and scholastic life.

The Turkish chief said he examined with the German head of state issues concerning the joining of the Turkish people group in Germany, and referenced the new German citizenship regulation as a welcome move toward this respect.

Erdogan communicated his pleasure in facilitating Steinmeier and his designation in Ankara, saying the visit was important as it was his first as president, and harmonized with the 100th commemoration of the Türkiye-Germany Fellowship Settlement.

Erdogan additionally offered his thanks to Germany and its kin for their fortitude during the Feb. 6, 2023 twin tremors in southern Türkiye.

Battle against illegal intimidation

The president said Ankara anticipates “further help and fortitude from German experts in the battle against psychological warfare.”

He communicated developing worries about the ascent of xenophobic, Islamophobic, extreme right, and bigoted associations in Germany, alongside Europe.

“Sadly, following a long time since the Solingen fire related crime assault, we lost two kids and four kin in a comparative assault. I have shared our assumptions for the full examination and discipline of those answerable for the appalling occurrence that happened on Walk 25,” he added.

Thirty years prior, an extreme right torching assault in Solingen killed five individuals from a Turkish migrant family, in one of the most serious examples of bigoted viciousness in present day Germany.

This Walk, four individuals from a Turkish-Bulgarian family were killed in a fire, and north of twelve others were harmed, some genuinely, in a similar city.

Germany ought to see ‘horrendous scene’ in Gaza

Erdogan said they talked about moves toward recharge Türkiye-EU customs association and visa progression, other than other territorial and worldwide turns of events.

The Turkish chief likewise tended to the continuous struggle in Gaza, where Israel has killed in excess of 34,000 Palestinians, and said Ankara will keep on escalating its endeavors to accomplish a truce in the territory, and guarantee that continuous and sufficient philanthropic guide contacts the Palestinian public.

Erdogan said Türkiye has shown “a fearless, principled, and valiant position” on Gaza all along.

“On this event, I repeated our require a finish to the extraordinary mistreatment that has been progressing in Gaza for 200 days.

“It is clear to everybody that for however long Israel’s assaults proceed, dangers to both territorial and worldwide harmony heighten. The new acceleration of strains among Iran and Israel is the most recent and most striking illustration of this,” he said.

“We are very much aware that the enduring of the guiltless, sentenced to death, appetite, and desperation, won’t be forgotten for a long time into the future,” he proceeded. “The endeavors of Israeli organization to conceal its outrages and slaughters committed in Gaza ought not be permitted.”

He said Israeli State leader Benjamin Netanyahu, just to delay his political profession, is endangering security of his own residents as well as the whole locale.

Türkiye is done supporting serious exchange relations with Israel, and that part is shut, he focused.

Saying that Israel killed ladies and youngsters in Gaza, Erdogan encouraged Germany to see the “horrendous scene” in the barricaded territory.

Steinmeier, as far as concerns him, focused on Germany doesn’t have as serious, agreeable and familial relations with some other country on the planet as it does with Türkiye.

He underlined that the two nations were irreplaceable to one another and required one another.

On the Palestine issue, he said: “Without a political viewpoint for Palestinians, security can’t be guaranteed for Israel by the same token. This viewpoint must be a two-state arrangement.”



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