• The world needs connectivity, not decoupling: senior Chinese diplomat
  • We need civilisations to engage, not to clash: Liu Jianchao

Beijing: “The world needs connectivity, not decoupling,” said senior Chinese diplomat, Liu Jianchao, who spoke at a session during the Future China Dialogue, an event co-hosted by Business China and Lianhe Zaobao.

“We need civilisations to engage, not to clash,”, said Liu who was in Singapore for a four-day official visit that ended on Thursday.

“Asia must be vigilant to avoid becoming a testing ground for powerful systems”, where countries such as the US build high fences around core business activities and technological developments in the name of security, Liu cautioned the policy makers.

THE most important thing for Asia is that the region needs to preserve peace and stability, regardless of what outside countries might say, he added.

“All companies, regardless of their country of origin, should be treated equally in the US,” said the minister, referring to the recent US crackdown on the Chinese-born social media platform TikTok. He urges the US to respect the rights and interests of Chinese companies.

Mr. Liu is the minister of the International Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and handles the affairs of cultivating and fostering relations with foreign political parties. He is widely seen as a leading contender to be China’s next foreign minister.

Future China Dialogue was held at Shangri-La Singapore, was attended by 400 government officials, academics, business leaders, industry experts and the media, including Mr Chee Hong Tat, Singapore’s Minister for Transport and Second Minister for Finance, Dr Koh Poh Koon, Singapore’s Senior Minister of State of the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment & Ministry of Manpower, and Mr Lee Yi Shyan, Chairman of Business China.

Titled “Challenges and Vision: Asia’s Future Amidst Changes”, the event started with a welcome address by Mr Lee Yi Shyan. Mr Lee said: “Currently, the international situation is turbulent and full of uncertainties. The Russia-Ukraine war, Israel-Gaza war, China-US strained relations, and the severe impact on the global multilateral trading system will lead to a series of changes and shocks, seriously disrupting the peaceful development of the world and this region.”

In his keynote address touched on China’s diplomatic and economic approach in the global arena, Minister Liu’s reiterated that China will always safeguard peace and prosperity in the region.

“In order to continue development and prosperity in Asia, we must refrain from conflict and war,” said Minister Liu. He pointed out that China has never provoked a war or invaded another country in modern times. In fact, China is ready to continue work with Singapore and other countries in the region to promote peace. “We need civilisations to engage, not to clash,” he said.

Minister Liu also addressed topics including the global perception of China, China’s post-pandemic recovery and the cultural identity of the Chinese diaspora

At the same time, Minister Liu reiterated China’s commitment to the comprehensive, high-quality, and future-oriented partnership with Singapore.

Addressing the global perception of China, Minister Liu commented that a shift in perspectives is needed in alignment with the currently evolving geopolitical situation.

Minister Liu also said China has been enjoying massive economic growth in the past decades and so it is now entering a new phase of economic growth. He commented that the next phase of growth for China will include elevating all of its 1.4 billion citizens to a modern lifestyle.

The FutureChina Dialogue exemplifies Business China’s commitment to enhance connectivity and foster mutual understanding and collaboration, not just between Singapore and China, but also between China and the wider world.

It reaffirms the organisation’s pivotal role in driving conversations that are vital in navigating today’s complex international landscape, and to contribute towards a thriving and cohesive future for Singapore and the region.



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