Azerbaijan : The informal summit of the Organization of Turkic States (OTS) scheduled to take place on July 5-6 in Shusha is a significant event for strengthening the solid ties and cooperation between Azerbaijan and other Turkic states. Such summits are crucial steps aimed at enhancing the economic, political, and cultural cooperation of the Turkic world.

Shusha hosting this summit holds special importance. Recognized as the cultural capital of the Islamic World and Azerbaijan, Shusha occupies a unique place in Azerbaijani culture. Its liberation by Azerbaijan following the Second Garabagh War in 2020 has further increased its strategic and symbolic significance. Hosting an international event in Shusha highlights Azerbaijan’s sovereignty over these territories and draws international attention to the reconstruction process in Garabagh.

It should be noted that the summit serves as an important platform for strengthening political cooperation among Turkic states. The Shusha Summit is crucial for enhancing mutual trust among countries, discussing common issues, and taking steps toward resolving them.

The Organization of Turkic States places great importance on developing economic relations among its member countries. Such summits provide significant opportunities for increasing trade and investment prospects and promoting regional economic integration processes. Additionally, they play a vital role in strengthening cultural ties among Turkic states and in preserving and promoting common cultural heritage. Shusha, symbolic in this regard, can contribute to the further strengthening of cultural relations through such an event.

It’s important to remember that the Turkic world brings together states that are geographically widespread and culturally, historically, linguistically, and ethnically connected. The Turkic states are strategically located between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. This enhances the region’s geopolitical significance, making it a crucial factor in international relations and energy policies. For example, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan’s energy resources, along with Turkye’s role as a transit hub between Europe and Asia, amplify this importance.

Moreover, these countries possess rich natural resources, especially oil and natural gas reserves. Countries like Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, in addition to Azerbaijan, make significant contributions to the global energy market. These resources are essential for economic development and regional stability. The Turkic world also boasts important transportation and logistics corridors between Central Asia and Europe, fostering regional trade and economic growth. Projects like the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline and the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway enhance the region’s transit potential.

The rapidly growing economies of these countries offer substantial trade and investment opportunities in the region. The presence of common cultural connections among these nations provides a solid foundation for strengthening inter-state cooperation. Within the framework of the Organization of Turkic States, various initiatives aimed at enhancing economic cooperation, trade, and investment are being implemented.

The organization also covers cooperation in military and security spheres, addressing issues of ensuring peace and stability in the region. Turkic states, particularly Azerbaijan and Turkiye, work together to defend shared interests on the international stage. This enables them to hold stronger positions in international organizations and forums.

The strength and significance of the Turkic world illustrate its growing influence and role both regionally and internationally. Further developing this potential will help the Turkic states become stronger and more influential actors, both individually and collectively.

The increasing cooperation among the members of the Organization of Turkic States could alter the balance of power in the region and create new geopolitical realities. This is especially important for Azerbaijan, which is among the states strengthening their positions regionally and internationally.

The counter-offensive operation carried out by the Azerbaijani army in 2020 and the liberation of Garabagh from Armenian occupation in just 44 days is proof of this. Additionally, the COP29 event to be held in Azerbaijan in November further demonstrates the country’s comprehensive development.

In a nutshell, the planned informal summit of the OTS in Shusha is a significant event in terms of strengthening the unity of the Turkic states and perspectives for closer cooperation in the future.




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