Xinjiang: Agents commend locale’s example of overcoming adversity

 Foreign ministers to China shared on Wednesday individual encounters of their visits to the Xinjiang Uygur independent area, and said that falsehoods regarding Xinjiang will not obstruct the locale’s way to thriving and achievement.

Talking at a gathering to observe Eid al-Fitr, a celebration denoting the finish of the sacred month of Ramadan, Ismail Hakki Musa, Turkiye’s envoy to China, said he visited Xinjiang two times since he got to work in Beijing a year prior.

 “During my most memorable visit in July last year to Kashgar and Urumqi, notwithstanding the old locales of our normal culture, I likewise visited present day commercial centers, deregulation zones and land port regions. I noticed the fast monetary advancement all through the district. This permits individuals to partake in the monetary and social freedoms as specified by the ‘right to advancement’,” he said.

 More than 70 unfamiliar representatives from 49 nations went to the gathering held in Beijing by the Xinjiang local government.

 Musa made his second visit to Xinjiang in January, along with a huge undeniable level business designation from Turkiye. “During this visit, we came to a typical comprehension that there is incredible potential for upgraded business participation among Turkiye and Xinjiang.”

 He added that to additional upgrade participation with Xinjiang, Turkiye plans to coordinate another undeniable level visit to the locale before very long, which will likewise include media and social appointments.

 Mohammed Hasanein Khaddam, Syria’s diplomat to China, said he felt at ease when he previously visited the territorial capital of Urumqi in 2022, as the old road there helped him to remember the old roads and marketplaces in Damascus and Aleppo.

 “Xinjiang is one more sign of the Chinese example of overcoming adversity in modernization, administration, and in killing destitution, taking an enormous jump into flourishing for its kin,” he said, adding that he is sure that the falsehoods told about China, Xinjiang specifically, by a few Western powers can’t frustrate the district’s way to thriving and achievement.

 Mohsen Bakhtiar, Iran’s representative to China, said his excursion to Xin­jiang in August permitted him to see the “gigantic accomplishments” made by the Chinese government and individuals for the advancement of the locale.

 “The verifiable meaning of Xinjiang as a fundamental center along the old Silk Street keeps on existing in the cutting edge period. We are helped to remember the enduring soul of connectivity, exchange and culture when we stand on the place that is known for Xinjiang,” he said.

 Siyabonga Cyprian Cwele, South Africa’s diplomat to China, expressed that during his visit to Xinjiang in February last year, he encountered the friendliness of the neighborhood individuals, lauding their amicable life and opportunity of strict conviction.

 “They (the Xinjiang public) track down strength in their variety and have figured out how to live as one with one another. … The youngsters I connected with were all glad and certain about the future,” he said.

 Erkin Tuniyaz, executive of the locale, said that last year, Xinjiang got a record number of visits from significant level unfamiliar designations. The entryways of Xinjiang might be more open from now on, he added.



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