BEIJING – The commencement of the west-to-east activity of W122 and W123 courses that interface with M503 course, powerful Friday, benefits the two sides of the Taiwan Waterway, said a Chinese mainland representative.

Zhu Fenglian, a State Council Taiwan Undertakings Office representative, offered the comments while answering a media request.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) on Friday announced the commencement of the west-to-east courses W122 and W123 to interface with M503 course.

The move expects to mitigate the tension brought by flight development in significant regions, guarantee flight security, lessen flight deferrals, and defend the privileges and interests of travelers, Zhu said.

On Jan 30, the CAAC announced the retraction of the flight deviation measures for the north-to-south activity of the M503 course, compelling from Feb 1, additionally expressing its goal to start the west-to-east courses W122 and W123 to interface with M503 course, determined to further develop airspace functional efficiency.

Zhu featured that the M503 course falls inside the Shanghai flight data district, and its foundation and execution are normal obligations of mainland common avionics airspace management.

She called attention to that since the wiping out of flight deviation measures for the M503 course, generally tasks have stayed protected and stable. This has prompted remarkable upgrades in cross-Waterway flight tasks and worked with faculty exchanges between the different sides of the Taiwan Waterway.




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