Dalian, Liaoning territory, and the city of Arkhangelsk, Russia, will team up in different fields including financial matters, culture, training, sports and youth exercises, as per a memorandum on well disposed exchanges endorsed by the two urban communities as of late.

Chen Shaowang, chairman of Dalian, featured the meaning of neighborhood collaboration among China and Russia and said he trusts the two urban areas will develop foundation availability and advance participation between their ports.

Chen, who is likewise representative Party head of Dalian, said the urban communities plan to fortify viable collaboration in regions, for example, energy, minerals, lumber, hardware assembling, fisheries and the profound handling of marine items.

The two urban communities likewise plan to team up to build a stage for marine monetary participation and advance the improvement of all the more top notch modern collaboration projects.

Moreover, they will further develop government communication and coordination systems, speed up the most common way of laying out a cordial relationship and expand reasonable participation in important fields.

“Dalian has been a critical city for Sino-Russian participation with positive results in exchange, territorial coordinated effort and social exchanges with Russian locales,” Chen said.

The northeastern port city has laid out well disposed relations with Vladivostok and Tomsk, among other Russian urban communities. The exchange representative office of the Primorsky locale and the Dalian collaboration focus of the Russian Commodity Place have been set up, and non-stop trips among Dalian and Vladivostok have been started, working with smoother exchange and social exchanges between the areas.
Likewise, occasions like the China-Russia (Dalian) Speculation and Exchange Collaboration Conference and the Russian food culture celebration have been held in the city.

As per Chen, respective exchange volume among Dalian and Russian locales arrived at 43.6 billion yuan ($6 billion) last year, with 176 Russian undertakings having laid out tasks in Dalian.

Alexander Tsybulsky, legislative leader of the Arkhangelsk district, commended Dalian for its far reaching modern framework, solid logical and innovative assets and unique geological benefits.

He underscored the shared advantage of fortifying functional collaboration between the two urban communities, especially in regions, for example, port development, oceanic planned operations, marine fisheries, wood handling and advanced education, expecting to upgrade youth exchanges and add to the consistent extending of conventional Sino-Russian connections.



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