Chinese VP Han Zheng and Russian President Vladimir Putin went to the initial function of the eighth China-Russia Exhibition in Harbin, upper east China’s Heilongjiang Territory, on Friday.

Han read out Chinese President Xi Jinping’s celebratory letter to the exhibition and delivered a discourse at the initial function.

Han said that President Xi and President Putin met in Beijing on Thursday and mutually drew another vision and diagram for the advancement of China-Russia thorough key organization of coordination for the new time.

This year points the 75th commemoration of China-Russia discretionary relations, Han said, noticing that China and Russia have extended political shared trust and accomplished productive financial and exchange participation.

In 2023, the exchange volume among China and Russia arrived at a record $240.1 billion, and China has been Russia’s biggest exchanging accomplice for 14 continuous years. The size of two-way speculation proceeds to develop, and collaboration on significant undertakings in energy, substance industry, aviation and network has gained consistent headway, said Han.

He noticed that commonly valuable participation among China and Russia has helped the two countries and people groups, yet additionally infused new force into the advancement of reciprocal relations.

China will work with Russia to execute the significant agreement arrived at by the two heads of state, upgrade common trust, extend collaboration and immediately take advantage of chances, to add impulse to the great advancement of respective relations, Han said.

In his discourse, Putin said he had a productive gathering with President Xi in Beijing and arrived at significant agreement for the improvement of respective relations and the extension of useful collaboration.

Noticing that Russia values the practice of well disposed collaboration with China, Putin communicated the expectation that the different sides will tap the potential and effectively influence the job of the exhibition to push for new advancement in reciprocal participation in such fields as economy, exchange, venture, energy, industry, high and new innovation, cross-line transportation, the travel industry, horticulture and neighborhood issues, to carry more advantages to the two people groups.

After the initial function, Han met with Putin.

Han said China-Russia collaboration has partaken in a sound energy lately.

The Belt and Street Drive has been additionally lined up with the Eurasian Financial Union, and various significant undertakings have been flawlessly cutting-edge, Han said, adding that the China-Russia Exhibition was a delightful “business card” of respective monetary and exchange participation.

It is accepted that with the endeavors of the different sides, reciprocal collaboration working together will certainly accomplish more outcomes, benefit the two people groups and add to world turn of events and progress, Han said.

As far as it matters for him, Putin approached the different sides to intently organize and collaborate, reinforce functional participation in different fields, further advance nearby participation between Russia’s far east and China’s upper east area, and push for better improvement of reciprocal relations.

Han and Putin then, at that point, visited the presentation lobby together, paid attention to the presentation of collaboration between the two countries, and communicated with the heads of taking part establishments.



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