On twentieth May, during the Azerbaijan-Tajikistan business discussion in Baku, eight critical participation arrangements were inked in the space of exchange, mining, and agribusiness, Azernews reports.

Talko OJSC and Azeraluminium OJSC marked a Memorandum of Understanding.

Moreover, an essential Settlement on common exchange collaboration was laid out between “Tajagropromexport” State Unitary Endeavor and “Azerbaijan Modern Partnership” OJSC, which works as the Product Office under the Tajikistan government.

Furthermore, organizations were manufactured between “Lesinvest” LLC (Tajikistan) and “Azerbaijan Modern Company” OJSC in the exchange of skill in regards to cottonseed oil and material creation. Also, arrangements were made between “Vodii Zarrin Agrar Alyansı” LLC (Tajikistan) and “Azerbaijan Modern Enterprise” OJSC in cotton development and material creation.

“Marmari” LLC (Tajikistan) and “Azerbaijan Modern Organization” OJSC additionally teamed up in cotton development, especially in cotton seed handling and commodity import activities. Besides, a transfer arrangement was fixed between “OBI – FAYZOBOD” organization of Tajikistan and “Universal Exchange” organization of Azerbaijan, cultivating collaboration and common understanding. In conclusion, participation was set between “Bollug” (Tajikistan) and “Ganch 2000” (Azerbaijan) organizations.



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