Saudi oil monster Aramco is investigating the development of a joint endeavor in the Saudi Aramco Jubail Treatment facility Organization (SASREF) with Chinese accomplice Rongsheng Petrochemicals, Aramco said in an explanation on Saturday.

Aramco as of late consented to a participation system arrangement that imagines Rongsheng’s likely securing of a 50 percent stake in SASREF, it added.

“The understanding likewise lays the preparation for the improvement of a fluids to-synthetics development project at SASREF, notwithstanding Aramco’s expected obtaining of a 50 percent stake in Rongsheng subsidiary Ningbo Zhongjin (ZJPC),” Aramco said.

Aramco procured a 10 percent premium in Rongsheng in July 2023 through its auxiliary Aramco Abroad Organization BV, situated in the Netherlands.

Rongsheng thusly possesses a 100% value interest in ZJPC, which works an aromatics creation complex and has an interest in a joint endeavor that produces refined terephthalic corrosive.



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