President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is supposed to visit Iraq before the finish of April, Agent Unfamiliar Priest Ahmet Yıldız said Tuesday.

“The visit will be before the finish of April as per the preparation and arrangements,” Yıldız told Anadolu Organization (AA) in Baghdad, as Türkiye’s top security, and discretion metal are set for a basic Iraq visit on Thursday.

Yıldız said Erdoğan’s last visit to Baghdad occurred in 2012 when he filled in as a top state leader.

Yıldız, on a visit to Iraq, added that he will have gatherings with authorities at the Iraqi Unfamiliar Service and survey the relations. “We will get ready for the pastoral gathering to be held from now on and the visit of our leader,” he said.

he said hallways and advancement ways are the essential components of advancement.

These streets give connectivity, carry imperativeness to the economy, and give trust between nations, he said, adding: “The two nations are extremely excited and that’s what we imagine assuming it is finished, it will bring benefits that couldn’t measure up to the expense.”



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