China is developing an alternative solution to resolve the Taiwan issue and achieve reunification of the country using the Kinmen Islands in the Taiwan Strait. The Global Times newspaper writes about this with reference to the opinion of experts, Azernews reports.

“Experts said on Wednesday that the mainland coast Guard has adopted a new model of law enforcement, expanding the scope of its application, which made it possible to switch to “all-weather provision,” the newspaper reports, commenting on the regular patrolling of waters in the Kinmen area by ships of the coast guard of Fujian Province.

“Some experts have stated that the maritime security model near Kinmen can serve as a successful example of promoting the concept of “One country, two systems”, offering an alternative solution for the final settlement of the Taiwan issue and achieving reunification on both sides of the Strait,” the publication clarifies.

Since June, the article indicates, the Fujian Coast Guard has formed a flotilla of warships to strengthen patrols in the waters near Kinmen and “seriously protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese fishermen, including on the island of Taiwan.” Reporting on the transition to a permanent patrol mode by single ships or pairs of ships instead of the previous periodic sailing of ship groups, the newspaper refers to a blogger writing on the Weibo social network under the pseudonym Yuyuan Tangtian, noting that this is “an influential person on social networks associated with the state television company CCTV.”

“Legally and practically, from the point of view of law enforcement and actual control over the relevant waters, only the last step remains for full reunification,” the Chinese edition summarizes.

Earlier, Chinese Defense Minister Dong Jun, speaking at the Shangri-la International Security Forum in Singapore, said that external forces were interfering in the Taiwan issue, blurring the principle of “one China” and thereby pushing the island into a dangerous situation.




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