China-Singapore mutual visa exemption starts February 9, tourism boom expected
Beiiing: A mutual visa exemption between China and Singapore will officially take effect on February 9, the Lunar New Year’s Eve.

Representatives of the two countries signed an agreement on mutual visa exemption for ordinary passport holders in Beijing on Thursday.

From February 9, individuals holding ordinary passports from both countries can enter each other’s nation visa-free for tourism, family visits, business, and other private matters, with a stay not exceeding 30 days.

For activities such as work, news reporting that requires prior approval, and stays exceeding 30 days, appropriate visas must be obtained before entering the respective countries.

Netizens in China have shown enthusiastic responses, with many expressing, “No need to hesitate, let’s head straight to Singapore.” “Singapore, please do not get too crowded.” Some have even begun checking for flights to Singapore. This surge in interest suggests the potential for a new tourism peak in both Singapore and China.

Until now, China has signed visa exemption agreements with 157 countries, covering various passport types.

Simplified visa procedures or arrangements have been reached with 44 countries.

Mutual visa exemptions have been achieved with 22 countries, including Singapore, the Maldives, Kazakhstan, and others.

Additionally, more than 60 countries and regions provide Chinese citizens with visa-free or visa-on-arrival convenience.



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