Azerbaijani President lham Aliyev underscored the significance of uniting endeavors and intently planning activities to exploit new opportunities inside the area.

In a critical stage towards fortifying local network, Leader of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and Leader of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon have examined possible coordinated effort in the vehicle area. The conversation, held during an expanded gathering between the two chiefs, zeroed in on utilizing the advancing vehicle and strategic framework in the two countries to upgrade territorial network.

“I figure it will be valuable to join our endeavors toward this path and direction our means all the more intently,” he expressed, featuring the common advantages of an agreeable methodology.

A vital subject of conversation was the Trans-Caspian transport hall, which is building up momentum as an essential course in the European and Focal Asian locales. President Ilham Aliyev accentuated Azerbaijan’s essential job in this passageway, given its topographical situation at the junction of Europe and Asia.

“The Trans-Caspian transport passage is turning out to be progressively well known in the European and Focal Asian districts. Azerbaijan, as an interfacing join and a country situated at the junction of Europe and Asia, obviously, assumes a significant part in this issue with its transportation foundation,” he commented.

The Trans-Caspian transport hall, otherwise called the Center Passage, is a basic part of the more extensive endeavors to lay out effective and solid shipping lanes interfacing East and West. This passageway crosses Focal Asia, the Caspian Ocean, the Caucasus, and onwards to Europe, working with the development of merchandise and encouraging financial ties between the areas.

Azerbaijan’s vigorous transportation foundation, which incorporates modernized rail lines, ports, and roadways, positions it as a central participant in the progress of this passageway. The country has put essentially in redesigning its vehicle offices to satisfy international guidelines, guaranteeing consistent travel and supporting exchange volume.

The conversation between Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Leader of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon signals a promising step towards more profound two-sided participation in the vehicle area. By adjusting their procedures and incorporating their vehicle foundations, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan can upgrade availability, lessen travel times, and set out new financial open doors for their nations and the more extensive area.

The gathering between the heads of Azerbaijan and Tajikistan underscores the fundamental job of transport collaboration in provincial turn of events. As the Trans-Caspian transport passage keeps on acquiring noticeable quality, the cooperative endeavors of Azerbaijan and Tajikistan will be instrumental in molding a more associated and monetarily lively future for the locale.

Remarking on the conversation of the country’s leaders, individual from Council for Monetary Strategy, Businesses and Venturesome of Milli Majlis,Vugar Bayramov let Azernews know that there is a reinforcing of collaboration among Azerbaijan and Focal Asian countries in the field of transport and coordinated factors.

“Because of this participation, it works with an expansion in the volume of freight moved through Focal Asia and Azerbaijan. Obviously, one of the countries Azerbaijan is keen on participating with is Tajikistan. Expanding relations with Tajikistan and using the current potential toward this path are among the need issues. One of the points talked about during the new visit of the Leader of Tajikistan was exactly connected with transport and operations.”

As indicated by him, the conversation includes both expanding the Center Passage and utilizing the capability of other vehicle halls.

“Over the course of the last year, the volume of freight shipped through the Center Hallway has expanded by in excess of 30%, which essentially implies an expansion in the meaning of the Center Passage. Then again, Focal Asian countries plan to trade more items to Europe by means of the Trans-Caspian course, including through Azerbaijan. This is especially critical thinking about that presently, conventional items as well as environmentally friendly power energy sends out from Focal Asia to Europe by means of Azerbaijan are being examined. Obviously, this basically sets out new open doors for expanding relations between Focal Asia and Azerbaijan in this field also.”

“In such manner, the opportunities are very broad, and this will additionally fortify generally participation between the gatherings, at last empowering more freight to be conveyed to Europe through Focal Asia. Azerbaijan, as a travel country, is distinctly keen on expanding this participation,” MP closed.



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