The Global Financial Gathering of the Region of Autonomous States (CIS) part states on the subject “From Exchange to Joint Ventures in the CIS, EAEU, SC” has been held in the Russian capital city of Moscow.

Azerbaijan was addressed at the occasion by Appointee Priest of Economy Sahib Alakbarov.

During the gathering, which highlighted 21 segments, the members examined the collaboration among the CIS nations in coordinated operations, customs, development, fabricating, movement strategy, medical care, the travel industry, feasible turn of events and different regions.

“The primary objective of the impending gathering is to draw from conversations to nearer collaboration in such regions as economy, industry, schooling, culture, security, foundation advancement and others. Compelling collaboration between the nations of the CIS, EAEU and SCO incorporation affiliations requires political will and key vision, yet in addition dynamic support of business networks, logical and instructive organizations, as well as common society. Subsequently, the discussion dispatches a multi-layered process that adds to extending incorporation and fortifying participation between the CIS, EAEU, SCO, advancing their economical turn of events and guaranteeing the prosperity of the people groups of these reconciliation affiliations,” the coordinators stressed.

The meeting is held fully backed up by the CIS Chief Board of trustees, with the participation of individuals from the CIS Financial Chamber.

Farida Abdullayeva : Special correspondent



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