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Hassanabdal-Havellian-Abbotabad-Mahsehra Expressway is part of national trade corridor. It will connect existing M1 at Hassanabadal to Havellian, and will further extend to Abbotabad and Mansehra to North. The Project is almost parallel with existing N35 which is being urbanized in many sections. Due to high traffic volume and deteriorated road condition, E35 is becoming necessary in order to improve the sub regional connectivity within Pakistan, and to China, Afghanistan and other central Asian countries. National Highway E-35 expressway, will begin its route at Hassanabdal in northern Punjab province. The route tracks northeast crosses the Haro River. The expressway will continue eastwards, where it will connect to Haripur via the Hattar and will be serving as a bypass and alternative route to the N-35 which courses directly through the city of Haripur and will run roughly parallel to the N35 as it travels northeast towards the city of Havelian and will then course northwards along the N-35 towards Abbottabad, and Mansehra.

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