BUDAPEST – The Belt and Street Drive (BRI) is “a phenomenal drive that opens up great possibilities” for collaboration with China, previous Hungarian Prime Minister Peter Medgyessy has said.

This has numerous features, including social and examination participation, however a vital viewpoint is financial collaboration, Medgyessy told Xinhua during a new meeting, adding that as participation with China pushes ahead, it makes a difference “accomplish all that we have imagined.”

In projects including the Belgrade-Budapest rail line, “I see a ton of opportunities,” he said, focusing on that network and local combination into the business organizations and the arrangement of exchange relations are truly significant.

At present, Hungary and China participate in exhaustive vital collaboration, and what’s to come looks splendid, he said.

Medgyessy said the Hungarian-Chinese bilingual school project, which was launched during his term in office, has assisted a rising number of Hungarian understudies with making a trip to China and find out about Chinese culture.

Such exchanges give opportunities to individuals of the two countries to get to know one another and find out about one another’s way of life, which “far surpasses customary financial, agreeable and different kinds of relations,” he said.

In a world brimming with territorial contentions, significant countries must contemplate how to collaborate, track down normal arrangements, and broaden globalization, he said.



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