The worth of the exchange turnover among Azerbaijan and the CIS nations has diminished, Azernews reports.

As per the data given by the Azerbaijani State Customs Council, the exchange turnover among Azerbaijan and CIS nations added up to roughly $910 million ($909,791,000) in the initial two months of this current year, denoting a 17.5-percent decline from a similar period last year.

Throughout two months, the worth of Azerbaijan’s commodities to CIS nations was around $223.5 million ($223,483,000), while the nation’s imports from the part nations remained at more than $686.3 ($686,308,000). This is a downfall of 15.6 percent and 18 percent, separately, contrasted with a similar time of 2023.

In January-February of 2024, the portion of the CIS nations was 4.7 percent in the absolute commodity of Azerbaijan, and 28.05 percent in the nation’s complete import.

Among the CIS individuals, Azerbaijan had its most elevated exchange volume with Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan, separately in the predefined timeframe.



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