On April 19, 2024, Chinese Ambassador to the US Xie Feng visited Harvard College and had a fireside talk with Establishing Senior member of Harvard Kennedy School Prof. Graham Allison.

While answering an inquiry on the Belt and Street drive (BRI), Ambassador Xie said that China has consistently stuck to the standard of broad meeting, joint commitment and shared benefits in propelling Belt and Street participation, in order to work with the renewal of all nations and infuse force into normal turn of events.

He reviewed that when he filled in as China’s Ambassador to Indonesia, he actually partook in the development of the Jakarta-Bandung rapid rail route. At first, there were stresses that the interest would be powerless. Yet, after the rail route was finished, it has seen a vigorous interest as well as invigorated the fast rail line economy along the line.

It has helped foundation network, yet in addition brought the hearts of the Chinese and Indonesian people groups nearer. This has demonstrated that excellent modern limit isn’t exorbitant all around the world. In actuality, it will produce more successful requests and lift financial development.

Ambassador Xie brought up that the BRI is certainly not an international device, yet entirely a broadly well known worldwide public great. Rather than being planned for alliance conflict, it is an open and comprehensive stage for worldwide collaboration. The realities have exposed those accounts spreading and spreading pessimism about the drive. The fixation on authority isn’t in China’s DNA. China is neither Athens nor Sparta. Expecting China would definitely step the old way taken by customary Western powers is a serious error, and those accepting “strength decides the goal” are fundamentally forcing their mentality on others. China will continuously be an individual from the creating scene, and is prepared to impart improvement profits to different nations.



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