A web-based media sub-gathering of the 2024 China-Africa Web Advancement and Collaboration Discussion is set to assemble in Xiamen, East China’s Fujian region on April second.

Coordinated by the China daily website, the sub-discussion intends to extend the joint effort among Chinese and African web-based media.

The sub-gathering will zero in on points, for example, developing accounts, advancing web-based social trades, and improving individuals to-individuals network among China and Africa. Furthermore, a China story co-creation grant service will be held at the sub-gathering.

The 2024 China-Africa Web Improvement and Collaboration Gathering will be held from April 2 to 3, under the subject “Building a Computerized Development Organization and Making a Superior Future for Computerized Participation.” The discussion will highlight an initial function and four sub-discussions, including “Sharing Open doors for Advanced Monetary Turn of events,” “Extending China-Africa Online Media Participation,” “Building a Strong Obstruction for Network protection,” and “Advancement and Administration of Man-made brainpower.”
Members incorporate government authorities from China and African nations, African envoys to China, worldwide associations, web ventures, and research organization pioneers.



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