As of late, Azerbaijan has zeroed in on fostering its non-oil economy and is making progress toward financial enhancement. Hikmet Hajiyev, Aide to the Leader of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Top of the International strategy Undertakings Division of the Official Organization, featured the meaning of sun oriented power plants in the country during a meeting with China’s “Phoenix” Television slot. He underlined that this improvement implies an essential stage in the participation among China and Azerbaijan in the domain of environmentally friendly power energy.

The impending COP29 conference in Azerbaijan was additionally examined during the meeting. It was noticed that climate supporting, which needed progress in past conferences, will become the dominant focal point in Baku.

Besides, Azerbaijan was recognized as an underwriter of European energy security, trading oil and flammable gas to numerous European countries. The nearby collaboration among China and Azerbaijan in the energy area, with Chinese support in oil and gas projects, was underscored. Hajiyev underscored Chinese organizations’ job as significant accomplices in Azerbaijan’s monetary broadening, especially as the country focuses on the green progress.

Hajiyev communicated savor the experience of seeing China at the very front of worldwide green change and anticipated teaming up effectively with Chinese counterparts at COP29 and then some.

Qaiser Nawab, a worldwide climate youth pioneer and international master, remarked on Hajiyev’s proclamation, featuring the critical job of sunlight based power plants in propelling Azerbaijan’s manageable improvement plan and advancing financial broadening. Nawab focused on that the coordinated effort among China and Azerbaijan in efficient power energy means common advantages, remembering venture for environmentally friendly power framework.

“These plants address a substantial obligation to efficient power energy and imply the developing collaboration among China and Azerbaijan in this pivotal field. By embracing sunlight based power, Azerbaijan lessens its carbon impression as well as fortifies its energy security and adds to worldwide endeavors to battle climate change. The cooperation among China and Azerbaijan underscores the common advantages of putting resources into sustainable power framework. With COP29 being facilitated in Azerbaijan, the spotlight is on the country’s obligation to tending to climate change and propelling climate supporting conversations.

This occasion gives an opportunity to Azerbaijan to feature its endeavors in environmentally friendly power energy and to encourage international organizations, incorporating with China, in driving the change to a supportable future. Azerbaijan’s job as an underwriter of European energy security further underscores the significance of its endeavors in expanding its energy portfolio and embracing green innovations. The nearby participation among China and Azerbaijan in energy projects, remembering cooperation for oil and gas adventures, features the potential for additional joint effort in the sustainable power area.

Hikmet Hajiyev’s accentuation on Chinese organizations as significant accomplices in Azerbaijan’s monetary expansion underscores the essential arrangement between the two nations in focusing on the green change. China’s initiative in worldwide green change fills in as a model for different nations, including Azerbaijan, moving trust in the possibility and advantages of progressing to sustainable power sources.

By and large, Azerbaijan’s hug of sunlight based power, combined with its coordinated effort with China, not just adds to its own manageable improvement objectives yet additionally sets a model for international participation in addressing climate change and progressing to a greener future.”

As per him, Azerbaijan sees Chinese organizations as important accomplices in the broadening of its economy, particularly inside the setting of focusing on the green progress, because of multiple factors.

“Azerbaijan perceives Chinese organizations as crucial accomplices in changing to environmentally friendly power energy because of their mastery and innovation move in sustainable power, especially sunlight based power. This coordinated effort helps Azerbaijan’s shift away from conventional areas like oil and gas towards economical other options. Chinese interest in sustainable power framework, including sun based power plants, differentiates Azerbaijan’s economy as well as improves energy autonomy and flexibility.”

“Cooperating with Chinese firms awards Azerbaijan admittance to worldwide efficient power energy advertises and works with learning and useful learning experiences in the arising green economy. China’s obligation to supportability lines up with Azerbaijan’s objectives, speeding up the execution of sustainable power projects. Azerbaijan focuses on broadening energy sources, putting resources into sustainable power foundation, advancing energy efficiency, and encouraging international coordinated effort, incorporating with China, to propel its efficient power energy plan.

Teaming up on joint environmentally friendly power projects, innovation move, strategy exchange, and business associations with China during and past COP29 expects to speed up Azerbaijan’s progress to efficient power energy, accomplish reasonable advancement objectives, and battle climate change,” he deduced eventually.



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