• 2024 Summer Davos Meeting Begins in Dalian City in Liaoning Province of China
  • Chinese Premier, Li Qiang, President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, and Deputy Secretary General of the UN Amina Mohammed to address the session on Day 1 of 2024 Summer Davos, known as the Annual Meeting of the New Champions,

By: Muhammad Arif

Beijing: The 2024 Summer Davos meeting began today (Tuesday, June 25 to 27 2024), at Dalian International Conference Center, in Liaoning Province of northeast China.

The annual meeting of global leaders, known as the 15th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions, features the theme “Next Frontiers for Growth”.

Over 1,600 representatives from the political, business, academic and media communities of close to 80 countries and regions are taking part in the meeting, focusing on ‘Building Intelligent Economies’.

On the Day 1 of the meeting, key figures such as Li Qiang, Premier of the People’s Republic of China, Andrzej Duda, President of Poland, and Amina Mohammed, Deputy Secretary General of the UN addressed the session.

Discussion will focus on these six key themes:

  • Connecting Climate, Nature and Energy
  • A New Global Economy
  • China and the World
  • Entrepreneurship in the Age of AI
  • New Frontiers for Industries
  • Investing in People

The Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2024 provides insights about business opportunities in China as the Asia giant continues to drive two-thirds of all global growth and home to nearly a third of the global population.

At the forum, the participating leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, academics and media, from business, government, civil society and international organisations, will discuss risks and challenges, from geopolitical uncertainty to the governance and regulation of artificial intelligence.

The Dalian Davos Conference is an important international economic forum aimed at promoting global economic cooperation and innovative development.

The World Economic Forum, committed to improving the state of the world, is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation.




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