Belt & Road Nations Take Part in Xi'an Silk Road Business Summit in China

Belt & Road Nations Take Part in Xi'an Silk Road Business Summit in China


Xi'an, Sept. 9: Over 600 senior officials and business executives from Belt & Road countries have gathered to take part in the Second Xi’an Silk Road Business Summit in northwest China’s Shaanxi Province on Friday. During the event, they will discuss key issues related to trade, business and culture in two days of meetings. China’s Belt & Road Initiative ties together a vast array of nations and people, and effective communications are key when using infrastructure projects to bring these cultures together.

This year’s meeting focuses on how business associations can use their advantages in communications to promote cooperation among the Belt and Road countries.

Yu Jianlong, chairman of China Chamber of International commerce was among the first speakers at the meeting. He said that business associations from all countries are the representatives of industry and commerce.

Building a more solid ground among the associations is a hot topic for common development.

Liu Jianzhong, chairman of the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce said they expect to talk, share and build the future together, establishing a series of standards and regulations that meet the needs of modern business, trade and investment.

One of the major participants sees the value of tying together the diverse business community.

Adnan Kassar, leader of a general union of business chambers for the Arab countries said he believes that this meeting would bring all these business communities together. With all the different chambers of commerce, this is a good opportunity, and will bring about more friendship and more business.
A senior-ranking official from a European organization on transport, with a particular focus on railways, is turning this blueprint into concrete steps, in order to realize a faster route on the Eurasian continent.

Mircea Ciopraga, secretary general from the Intergovernmental Commission Traceca said that, in regards to goods, block trains from China will reach the Black Sea within ten days, while in the past they took over 40 days.

More projects are being discussed or put into action now, as dozens of business and cultural deals got signed during the first day of the meeting.
And before the meeting concludes, the leaders of these business associations will come to a consensus on strengthening cooperation along the new Silk Road.

Silk Road Business Summit in Xian city of China


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