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KATHMANDU, June 21 (Xinhua) -- Nepali Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba on Wednesday appealed to the general public to adopt a healthy lifestyle by making Yoga a part of their lives.

PM Deuba made the remarks when addressing a mass Yoga demonstration ceremony held in the capital Kathmandu on the occasion of the 3rd International Day of Yoga.

Claiming that Yoga helps maintain peace and harmony, he asked all to be healthy and prosperous through regular Yoga practice.

"Yoga is an ancient discipline which is essential for both mental and physical health. Yoga helps to have healthy body and health mind and in overall, a balanced life," Deuba said.

Along with the general Yoga practitioners, the prime minister also attempted the soothing "Om" chanting and expressed commitment for building a healthy society. Dressed in Nepali formal dress, Deuba also demonstrated standing Yoga postures to encourage the participating Yoga enthusiasts.

This is the second year the Nepal government formally celebrated the International Day of Yoga, which was declared by the United Nations in 2015.

Ministers, members of Parliament, dignitaries and hundreds of people from different walks of life jointly performed Yoga postures despite heavy rainfall since early morning.

Yoga has been gaining wide popularity in Nepal in recent years. It is regarded as an invaluable gift of ancient tradition and most essential for a healthy life.

Yoga instructor Mohan Man Shrestha told Xinhua on the spot, "I am teaching Yoga since last 10 years. If we continued Yoga every day, we should never visit hospitals or doctors. It's good for both physical and mental health."

"I am 64 years old but I have never taken any medicines or visited hospitals. It has been possible only through Yoga," added Shrestha.

According to instructors, maximum of the Yoga practitioners in Nepal are women. They gather in local Yoga centers or available spaces every morning and practice different postures.

Since health problems like gastritis, diabetes and uterus ailments are quite common among Nepalese, they regard Yoga as a perfect medium to fight such diseases.

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DHAKA, June 11 (Xinhua) -- Touring artists from China's Sichuan Opera House have staged exquisite performances in Bangladesh capital Dhaka on Saturday, astounding audiences with lavish costumes, elaborate makeup, high-speed acrobatics and high-pitched singing.

Artists of Sichuan Opera Troupe perform acrobatic show in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, on June 10, 2017. Touring artists from Sichuan Opera Troupe have staged exquisite performances themed "Cultural China, Splendid Sichuan" in Bangladesh on Saturday, astounding audiences with costumes, elaborate makeup, high-speed acrobatics and high-pitched singing.(Xinhua/Salim Reza)

Organized by Chinese embassy in Bangladesh and Sichuan provincial government, the performance, themed "Cultural China, Splendid Sichuan," featured the famous secret "face-changing" routine, singing, dancing and acting at Bangladesh's National Academy of Fine and Performing Arts.

Sichuan opera, known as Chuanju in Chinese, is an exquisite theatre and one of the renowned opera schools of Chinese opera.

Face-changing and fire-spitting are the most eye-catching artistic techniques that shape characters' personality in Sichuan opera.

The audiences raised their phones and snapped photos while they cheered and clapped following enigmatic performance.

The acclaimed opera troupe has been visiting Dhaka at the invitation of Chinese embassy in Bangladesh.

Shen Chao of Sichuan Opera Troupe said the performers were pleased to come to Dhaka.

"We're truly impressed by Bangladesh audience," he said, adding "So far I understand they were thrilled by Sichuan performances."

Abdul Hannan, an audience who enjoyed the performance with his family members, said that they were well impressed by the their stunning performance.

He said they were very glad to enjoy such excellent and flawless performances.

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In his May 14 keynote address at the opening ceremony of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, Chinese President Xi Jinping extolled the glories of the ancient Silk Road and noted its roots in the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.- A.D. 220). “Around 140 B.C.,” Xi said, “Zhang Qian,

ALMATY. KAZINFORM - Kazakhstani fashion designers are expected to participate in the upcoming Milan Fashion Week F/W 2017-2018, Kazinform reports.


Milan Fashion Week is the third week on fashion calendar. Kazakhstan will be represented by 5 fashion brands at the event. 

Kazakhstani designer Ayazhan Zhaksybai believes it is very important to create a brand that will be competitive at the global market. 

Unfortunately, in her words, many Kazakhstani designers start small. 

"They [designers] develop their brands with the focus on inner market and plan to go global in the future. However, I think this is the wrong approach. It is crucial to prepare your product for international market. This is exactly what we are doing right now. We are developing a clothing, an accessories and a jewelry brand," Ms Zhaksybai said. 

She believes that the Milan Fashion Week is a chance for Kazakhstani brands to access the global market. 

"This is of paramount importance for the development of our product," the designer added. 

In order to boost competitiveness of Kazakhstani fashion companies, the country enlisted the help of foreign specialists. One of them Pitusa Bolano delivered a workshop on how to create design popular among consumers.

"We've demonstrated Kazakhstani designers and producers how to develop collections suitable for European market. Kazakhstan stands a good chance to enter the global market thanks to excellent quality of its products," Ms Bolano said.

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